Scottish Wood Art (SWA) has evolved from an idea in  2006 which said that photographs didn't have to be all about canvas and photographic or digital  media, but could be on (or into) many different kinds, including wood! 

Wanting to be a hands on artist (as opposed to a laser machine guy which involves no artistic skills at all) who would use craft techniques to reproduce images with the minimum of technology and the maximum of skill and patience, the idea took shape.

Relentless practicing and practicing of my ideas, with varying degrees of success, brought me to what I am now pleased to say is the end result...your precious images, hand carved into the most natural medium of wood.

I now have customers as far afield as Scotland (of course), Japan, Canada, the Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand and the U.S.A., many of whom are two and three times customers. Referrals are a blessing!!  

Purchases made by previous customers have included the following...


family pets

business logos

military images of family members


film and music stars

architecture including the family home.

Please enjoy your look at the gallery images of previous work and certainly do feel free to suggest ideas for future work, along with your orders.

Thank you.